The Structure of a Farmhouse Photo Shoot
is like no other.

We may start by feeding clovers to the sheep. We may take a break to check the chicken coops for eggs. We may grab a snack in the gorgeous 1750’s Farmhouse or take a ride on the tire-swing in the old oak tree. And odds are, we will end up feeding a few carrots to the ponies. At the farm, the opportunities are absolutely endless. And while we are more than happy to guide you through the shoot and volunteer styling advice, we always welcome your ideas and encourage you to take the lead.

But whether you come to us with a specific concept in mind or with a completely open mind, we promise you will leave with magical images filled with character and personality. That might mean your toddler is sticking out his tongue or your teen is rolling her eyes or that both of them are giggling together as a goat nibbles their clothes. That’s reality. And I promise your reality is beautiful!

At Farmhouse, we aren’t Just Photographers.
We are Award-Winning Artists, Designers, Actors, Craftsmen and most importantly,
We’re Farmers!