The Farmhouse Family



Family First

While we pride ourselves on a job well done, we also believe being professional doesn’t have to exclude our own family. During our shoot, you may see a little one wander over to us as we work, or you may spot a couple cutie pies looking on from their favorite hangout in the barnyard. We feel it's important for our children to see our love for our work. It's this incredible love of family that allows us to capture yours so well.




Kat Rokita

I am proud to be a full-time mom of a quick-witted five-year-old, a (sometimes) softspoken seven-year-old, an extremely energetic ten-year-old and two couch-hogging, table-scrap-stealing Doberman.
Before my life as a mother, I worked in the design world with jobs in exhibits, interiors, signage and graphics. I graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon University with a BFA in Industrial Design and a concentration in Child Development. Photography has been a part of my life since I took my first darkroom class at the age of nine.
Nowadays, when I’m not up late editing photos, illustrating, sewing, screen printing, or spinning organic cotton candy for Aunties Sweet Shop, I can be found having a tea party in the bean teepee or hunting squash bugs in the pumpkin patch.